Ricotta Toast – With Fig Jam

Figs are amazing.  Concentrated fig-ness in fig jam slathered on ricotta slathered on a hunk of bread?  Try it.  You’ll see.

It’s easy.

Toast your bread.

Spread your ricotta

Spread your fig jam.

Here is your RTI:

There is nothing wrong with having a thicker layer of ricotta than bread.
Messy factor. See below.
You’ll want a beverage nearby. Ricotta is rich and if you happen to swallow it by the spoonful, it can need a little help getting down your esophagus into your belly.


  • Plate
  • Knife
  • Spoon for preserves/jam
  • Napkin. If you’re going with open-faced, the bread may bend under the weight. You may have to eat it pizza-style or calzone-style. Be messy. Somehow it’s far more satisfying than using a fork and knife.


  • Bread, any kind you like
  • Ricotta
  • Fig preserves or jam

The “How”:

  • Toast your bread
  • Slather on the ricotta.
  • Top it with the jam

Enjoy.  Stand there wondering why you’ve never thought about this fig ricotta combination before.  Promise yourself, you will never forget it.

Take another bite.




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