About Bea


I love to make things with my hands. And by making things with my hands, I mean bake and cook. I can knit and I have made my share of decent sweaters, blankets, mitts, hats, scarves and socks. But where you’ll find me most often is in the kitchen, pulling out the pots and the cookie sheets. I have a life-long abiding love for my stand mixer. Such a hard worker. So reliable.

By day, by night, by weekend, I’m a journalist. It’s a bit of an all-consuming thing. Often, I find myself so overwhelmed by the NEED to cook, that 12 hours have gone by, my back hurts from standing and now the kitchen is a disaster.

What I don’t like doing is cleaning up. Anyone want to trade?

I also love Pilates and hot yoga and swimming and spinning. And hot weather. And the beach. Basically, I have a lot of time for two things – moving and eating.

And sometimes, I write it all down.

These are my stories.


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